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Founded by Louis Thatch, Retired Air Force Veteran.  Airman Supreme Drone Visuals LLC is a new aerial imaging solutions provider in the Tampa Bay area.  After honorably serving my country and University of Tampa Alumni, I established this company.  I have a life-long love of flying, photography/film, and technology that I would like to share with the world.

Airman Supreme Drone Visuals is among the first granted permission for commercial use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems.  We are fully compliant with all FAA regulations.  Risk assessments are conducted prior to each flight mission.  All aircrafts adhere to strict inspections and maintenance checks daily.  As required by law, our pilots have a Part 107 Remote Pilot in Command Certificate with a UAS Rating.

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• Progress Tracking

• Job Site Risk Mitigation

• Site Planning/Pre Construction

• Cell Towers
• Commercial Property
• Residential Roofs
• High Rise Buildings
• Wind Turbine Systems
• Power Poles/Stations
• Bridge


REAL ESTATE  (commercial/residential)
• High Resolution Aerial Photos
• 360 Panorama Views
• Unedited/Edited Photos 
• RAW or Edited Video
• Crop Analysis/Inspections
• Yield Forecasting
• Damage Assessments

• RAW footage
• Promotional Videos
• Advertising
Emergency Services
• Missing Persons

Airman Supreme Drone Visuals

Offering premium aerial imaging services.  We do our absolute best to provide aerial imaging solutions of the highest quality and professionalism. 

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